Beauty - ART Skincare


You’re invited to a unique and special workshop on Young Living’s skin care system. It will be very social, we will have lots of fun and you will have a skin care experience like you have never had before.

You can expect to feel relaxed, pampered and be educated on leading edge Age Refining Technology. You will also experience a soothing facial massage using Young Living’s Therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Come and join us to experience our renowned dual skin care system, which includes a signature ‘Fingertip Facelift.’ You deserve it! If you can think of anyone else who needs a ‘wow’ moment in their lives, feel free to bring them along… the more the merrier!

These workshops are such fun – they leave you feeling utterly pampered and relaxed! Find out more! Contact me!


Based upon cutting-edge scientific research, Young Living has combined the health secrets of the ages with the latest technology to produce a groundbreaking new skincare system – A·R·T [Age Refining Technology]. “Our passion for purity, quality and integrity guarantees your skin will benefit from the very best.” ~ Mary Young.

Imagine a skincare system that contains the purest sandalwood and frankincense essential oils. Blend in some delicious wolfberry seed oil to add its legendary skin moisturizing and conditioning properties.

Add Age Refining Technology that includes recovery enzymes to enhance your natural ability to restore youthful looking skin. Imagine results that so dramatically improve the appearance of your skin that your friends are all clamouring to know what you are doing and how they can get some of what you have!