I am passionate about children achieving their highest potential in life! If your child is struggling now with learning, sports or social skills, it may affect their ability to create success in later life.

BrainGym is a series of simple and yet very effective movement based activities that helps students of all ages to learn more easily. Their ability to focus, concentrate and achieve well, is improved enormously.

Give BrainGym a Go! A first one to one assessment will give you an understanding, where your child needs support and which areas of learning need upgrading. The lessons are fun and enjoyable. Usually a series of 6 - 12 sessions will produce measurably improved results! Contact me now to find out more!

Many teachers use a variety of BrainGym® movements in their classroom everyday, some concentrating on the movements specially related to reading. When students are introduced to BrainGym®, they seem to love it, request it, teach it to their friends, and integrate it into their lives - parents can easily learn the Brain Gym® movements with their children and support their practising them at home - a very good way to get started in the morning or before getting into homework!

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