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73 Lyrebird Way
Thornlie 6108
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Live and Learn!

Kinesiology and Aromatherapy practice with a difference!

73 Lyrebird way Thornlie 6108

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Tune in and tune up your life

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Welcome to my page:-)

I am a professional Kinesiologist with over 35 years experience  and am passionate about helping people live to their full potential. I have developed a broad skill-set in a large variety of natural therapies and techniques such as 

• Touch for Health Kinesiology,
• Educational Kinesiology BrainGym®,
• Dorn Spinal Therapy,
• Physical therapy,
• Remedial massage and nutrition amongst others.

I use only Young Living Essential oils,  - integrating the highest quality essential oils for Aromatherapy in my clinic.   I can provide you with techniques to establish and maintain treatment strategies, that connect you with your innate healing powers .

Do you want to feel  confident and optimistic again?

• Regain control over your health and wellbeing,             
• Uncover and correct physical misalignment,
• Unravel mental and emotional hurdles
• Access and to tap into your full innate body intelligence for self healing and personal development

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I look forward to helping you on your journey to be your best self!

I am dedicated to giving ongoing support and tools that produce measurable results which are solid and long lasting

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Special Mini Workshops  announcements


Move with Grace and Balance Activity class

Develop more mobility, clarity and vitality. You will
learn strengthening exercises for the lower body and
activities that challenge both balance and brain.
Dorothea is a qualified physio and kinesiologist and
believes we can always improve our balance, be
centred and aware. So join in to stay fit, flexible and
mentally sharp.  Classe are at Glyde-In center East Fremantle

  4 sessions: 2 Mondays & 2 Thursdays,
6 - 15 January, 4-6pm.









Explore the oils of the Ancient scriptures

 Christmas Gifts “Make &Take” using these special oils!
You will   make a number of lovely craft items and sprays with your favourite essential oils to enhance wellbeing,  happy moods and clarity of mind.       This  will be a fun filled event with good vibes and yummy smelling items to take home. Register your   now - spaces are . Aditionally learn which essential oils to have in your home every day for the protection against germs and pathogens of all kinds and which ones support your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.


28 November   1-4 pm  @ liveandLearn clinic Thornlie   $40



Summer Oils for Health and Well being

“Make & Take”  Workshop


.Used well, essential oils can help bring calm and balance to seasonal extremes. Oils can support good sleep, lessen sadness or pain, promote alertness, and in summer can greatly ease the effects of excess heat and light.   You’ll learn how to use them to restore summer health and balance. Then you’ll make a delicious and effective sunscreen or an after-sun lotion and make blends for the household that are cool and clean,  garden-fresh and healthy.


Saturday  7.  November  2- 5 pm
     and     20. November 2 – 5 pm
@ LiveandLearn clinic  73 Lyrebird way Thornlie  
Please bring $ 40 for  your " Make and Take“


Participant spaces are limited call asap to register!


  • Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (Diploma),
  • Touch for Health Instructor,
  • Brain Gym Instructor,
  • Young Living essential oils Aromatherapist
  • Sports Physical Therapist,
  • Nordic Walking Instructor,
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