Nordic walking

Nordic walking

Posted by admin by Aug 10, 2021

My husband Tom and I are accredited Nordic Walking trainers.

Tom is taking classes regularly, One on One - or small groups.

Please equip yourself with good walking shoes, a water bottle and a hat. 

We have  a number of poles available for trial walks.

Poles are available for sale at the cost of $130 per set. - Try before you buy  - An initial trial session( 1 hour) is $50

After that, should you buy the poles,  you may book four more training sessions with us  for an additional $60 only.

Looking after your health has never been easier!

Cross-country skiing has long been recognised for its supremacy as the form of physical activity for building cardio-vascular fitness and it's high effectiveness in the  burning off  of calories. Now, thanks to Nordic Pole Walking, all this and more can be achieved without the skis and the snow, anytime; all year round... in any climate... on any surface! Enhanced balance and stability with better posture alignment Greater improvements in mood disturbances More fun/ addictive All of the above can be achieved without an increase in perceived exertion. Simply by adding poles to your walk you can turn it into a whole body workout in the same session. Nordic Pole Walking is great for individuals who are seeking a unique cross training activity -  If you can't jog or run but want the same benefits , You may want to lose weight/size faster for better health, If you suffer  balance, stability or mobility problems  or Have movement restriction and painful joints, By improving ones balance and stability you enhance your chances of greater mobility. So if you are still able to walk at even a very slow pace try Nordic Pole walking and experience the difference.  

? Walking faster or jogging, will that give me the same results?    To walk faster or jog may not always be the best outcome. It will be governed by individual's motivational limits and enjoyment levels and also increases significantly the amount of stress put on the body which may likely cause injury and in turn reduces the enjoyment factor.

Scientific studies show that using poles at a perceived lesser rate of effort or at a slower speed can achieve the same outcomes. The pole shafts are made of a very durable and lightweight composite material with good flexibility and shock absorbing capabilities for repetitive  motion which is performed during Nordic Walking.  

? I suffer with knee injuries from running; can I really keep fit by walking with poles?

Yes! You no longer have to pound the footpaths and wear out your joints to get a good cardio-vascular workout. Whilst running you are only using your lower body muscles and your upper body mass is just going along for the ride not really doing any work. But when you utilise the poles whilst walking you activate all the upper body muscle mass, which in turn creates a greater training effect on your body with similar outcomes with less joint impact. Let me explain how this happens, by using poles to Nordic walk you are activating the large upper body muscles that are not used whilst running, in turn these large upper body muscles need more fuel which is transported by fresh.
    • Nordic Pole Walking vs. Regular Walking...The Health and Wellness Benefits.
    • Burn an average of 20% and as much as 40% more calories
    • Increase oxygen consumption uptake by an average 20% and in some cases oxygen consumption increased by 30-58% depending on poling intensity
    • Greater increases in muscle endurance and toning in your shoulders, back, chest and upper arms and abdominal region
    • Relieves pain in the neck-shoulder area
  • Less impact on sore or worn joints
? Will this be another fitness fad or gimmick that is here today and gone tomorrow? For over forty years Nordic Walking has most commonly be practised in Finland as the summer fitness conditioning for cross-country skiers, even before this, sports colleges and health care establishments have for a long time considered Nordic walking as a form of treatment. Now this activity is spreading across the globe and is being adopted by millions of people as their preferred method of physical activity and growing from strength to strength in many arenas from rehabilitation to fitness, recreational and now in some countries as a sport.

So Nordic Walking has stood the test of time and is still growing.


?  Am I too old to do Nordic Pole Walking? I'm nearly eighty years old!

We have people in their late eighties that have experienced the benefits of nordic Pole Walking as it appeals to your age group. Also, it gives you a sense of security and confidence because you feel more balanced and stable on four feet instead of your  normal two feet.    

?  Where do I do Nordic Pole Walking?

Nordic Pole Walking is enjoyed in the great outdoors. It can be done on soft and hard surfaces as the poles are supplied with both hard metal spike tips for soft surfaces such as grassland, sand or slippery surface and the asphalt paws are used on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. So Nordic Pole Walking is great on your favourite beach or in your local park/sports oval or utilising your local  suburban footpaths.   ?  Do I have to join a club?       A group offers a safe an supportive environment with the added benefit of extra guidance and motivation in a fun and social atmosphere. But you may wish to walk alone or find a walk buddy or a group of friends and enjoy the convenience of Nordic pole walking around your local neighbourhood at a time that suits your lifestyle. The most important thing is what best suits your needs and you enjoy the great benefits of Nordic Pole walking like so many hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are experiencing today. So why not be one of them?  

?  Why can't I just use my ski or trekking poles?

Trekking and ski poles have been designed specifically for their sport just like Nordic Walking Poles have been. The Nordic Walking Poles have a very unique design in the strap to allow the user to obtain maximum push off from oxygenated blood to these muscles to make them function. So the physiological responses to achieve this from your body is, significantly increased oxygen uptake, elevation of your heart rate to a similar effective training zone as if you were running and a greater caloric expenditure and the benefits of enhance muscle endurance for a total body workout.

More questions? please contact

Dorothea: 0414 946 055   and Tom : 0414946354     watch this video for absolute beginners