Perfect Balance Exercise Training Harrisdale For Your Faltering Balance

Perfect Balance Exercise Training Harrisdale For Your Faltering Balance

Posted by admin by Aug 3, 2021
In the entire Australia, one of the leading causes for injuries and accidents is falling down. This is a common problem for most senior citizens. To prevent falling prey to slips and falls, here are some of the best recommendations for improving balance and strength.
  • As per the expert kinesiologist  in Harrisdale and Gosnells,
with smart Balance Exercise Training Harrisdale, you can stand straight and walk freely with confidence.

Walking heel and toe

Readers may wonder, how walking could be the best exercise for improving balance?   Walking heel and toe is a type of workout that makes your legs stronger. This prevents you  from falling   Do this exercise by putting one foot forward, so that the other foot’s tip touches the heel of another. Keep walking like this till you reach 20 steps.

  One leg balance

This can be a good exercise for beginners. Keep your feet together and lift one foot with the knee faced forward or side. Hold this for a moment and switch feet and repeat the same. Consider doing this 10 times a day. Consider having a stable support nearby so that you can quickly grasp in case you fall

Single limb stance

Stay behind a steady support and hold on with your back. Lift up one foot and start balancing your body on the other one. Hold the position for as long as you can and then again switch the foot. The ultimate goal should be to stand without the support for at least a minute.

Leg swings

Stand on one leg and raise the other for at least three to six inches high. Stretch your arms at the side and swing the lifted leg back and forward. You may touch the floor for balance (this is recommended for too sick or aged people). The upper torso should be tight and straight. Keep repeating the moves till 20 reps are completed. This is one of the best balance exercises among all and its fun doing.

Rocking the boat

Stand with your feet shoulder wide apart. Make sure that the feet points forward. Stand straight and then transfer your weight to your right foot. Do this slowly as your knees may be prone to cramps. If you are bending towards right, consider lifting up the left foot and hold the position for at least 30 seconds. Increasing and improving your balance   through these exercises is a smart choice for people struggling with balance. The results are certainly rewarding!  

Apart from the exercises, it is important to go for a Nutrition and Wellness Consultation in Gosnells.

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