Kinesiology Therapy & Brain Gym Exercise

Kinesiology Therapy & Brain Gym Exercise

Feeling confused, irritated?“all at sea”? Feel depressed and defeated?

I am here to help you feel safe and at peace again.

To help you bring yourself into a state of emotional balance, I am offering Kinesiology Therapy & Brain Gym Exercise Gosnells, stress release sessions, Emotional Freedom technique, Massage, and Brain Gym balances for whole-brain integration. Combine them together and they make powerful agents of change!
  • Kinesiology Therapy & Brain Gym Exercise Gosnells are a holistic approach to long-lasting health and vitality. Discovered and developed over the past 100 years, kinesiology incorporates western physiological healing science with ancient eastern energetic healing techniques. In this way, kinesiology can address a wide range of physical, nutritional, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. Results can be felt immediately.
  • Kinesiology is unique in that the kinesiologist is the facilitator of the body’s own intelligence to be healed.
I have successfully helped hundreds of people overcome big life challenges:
  • Attract the right life partner / improve harmony in a current relationship
  • Boost self-acceptance and confidence
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety or depression
  • Achieve new levels of success in career & business
  • Experience gains in learning/processing difficulties eg. Dyslexia, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Reduce the symptoms caused by chronic physical conditions
  • Resolve compulsive behaviors and addictions eg. smoking, drinking, and over-eating
  • Heal childhood trauma and past hurtful experiences that impact on day to day life
I have over 30 years of experience as a Kinesiologist. Sessions usually are for one hour to 90 mins but maybe longer depending on the issue. It is recommended to have at least 3 sessions in relation to any specific issue. This allows the subconscious to fully adopt and accept the changes made in the first sessions – though naturally this is your decision.

Brain Gym Exercise GosnellsBrain Gym:

Kinesiology can help children of any age and because children are open and still have wonder about the world, they easily see new possibilities and make changes quickly. Balances often take much less time with children than they would with adults. Kinesiology identifies the key issues in your child’s life and provides real solutions and healing for them. In kinesiology sessions with children the parent stays in the room. The practitioner may ask you questions about you or your child’s development. Kinesiology gives you and your child the opportunity to change the way you handle stress in your life and for you to both enjoy this very precious time of their childhood. Dorothea has experience and success in assisting children with:
  • Bullying
  • Attention and processing disorders
  • Low self esteem
  • Anger management
  • Clumsiness
  • Behaviour problems
  • Physical health issues such as colour blindness, asthma
Children who have experienced high stress levels may have trouble focusing, learning and achieving their developmental milestones. Kinesiology gives you and your child a very effective way of transitioning each of these hurdles in life. I can also teach you and your child simple activities to improve brain integration, coordination, help relieve emotional distress and activities that calm. Children are not naughty or bad, they are just behaving in a way to get us to take notice and help them grow, change, develop and mature. Our job as parents is not to protect them from pain, but to walk beside them, supporting them to find ways of navigating life's challenges. While children may not really understand the process of kinesiology, they do know how they feel. They often report feeling more relaxed and happier.

Benefits of kinesiology for children:

  • Better able to deal with anger and frustration
  • Happier and calmer
  • More focused and better able to concentrate
  • Fewer and reduced reactions to foods and other allergens
  • Better quality sleep
  • Improved coordination and spatial awareness
  • Better balance
  • Improved results across sporting, academic and artistic areas

Head massage-Live and LearnEMOTIONAL WELL BEING:

Many people find that anxiety or fear can stop them from doing things they want to do in life. These feelings may not occur all the time or even be overwhelming; there may just be feelings of background anxiety. For example, feeling panicked when something doesn’t go to plan, feeling anxious about a social situation or controlling situations so as to push away feelings of anxiety are pretty common. Because these feelings seem normal, people often don’t question them. For some people feelings of anxiety and panic can dominate their life and be quite debilitating. Kinesiology work can make a difference in reducing the impact of these feelings in someone’s life. Neuroscience and trauma research suggests, that specific early experiences of fear particularly if experienced when very young create limbic brain responses that set up specific neural pathways which will operate unconsciously in adult life. A Kinesiology session aims to release the feelings locked in the system that relate to the time they were created. This gently frees up the system so people have freedom to choose how they react in any given situation. Another way of putting this is, that the brain then begins to use different neural pathways in response to the same kind of trigger and this leads to different results. I  have developed a style of kinesiology that supports people to quickly access the core issues relating to the pattern of fear and anxiety and then release the emotion associated with it. This allows people to remain calm and decide how they want to respond to situations. It creates genuine space for freedom and joy in the place that was once occupied by fear or anxiety. Also visit our other services.

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