Move with Grace & Balance exercise class

Move with Grace & Balance exercise class

  This class is now available ONLINE  - Register in!   watch my little video which explains it a bit more!

It is a new and exciting way of delivering this fabulous program - straight into people's homes!

  I am offering a short 6-week  course that teaches  people aged 60 years and over to stay fit, flexible, and mentally sharp!

I am addressing people who still wish to go on longer hikes, ride their bikes, go boating or camping. 

And  Yes, you still want to go dancing, have lots of energy for grandchildren and generally really want to fully participate in all, that life has to offer!

However,  - undeniably, you might feel physical and mental decline creeping up on you - and it worries you.

You might experience niggling pains, feel slight memory loss, or simply feel not quite on top of all their health issues.

What you can expect from this course:

In my six-week course, participants will discover how to age gracefully, to approach this phase in your life with curiosity, confidence, and enjoyment.
  • Establish improvements in all areas of their life, mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  • Discover great tips and advice for easy fitness routines for every morning – this includes strength training, balance exercises, vision training, and fine motor skills.
You  would also :
  • Learn how to nourish yourself with great energy-giving and mind/memory-boosting foods.
  • Get on top of   mood swings and anxieties in regard to physical decline,
  •  have much greater clarity and alertness.

At the end of the six week class you will:

  • Have a clear plan for daily / weekly physical exercise routines.
  • Have a better understanding of foods that support healthy aging.
  • Experience better sleeping patterns - waking up well-rested and restored.
  • Feel confident to make plans for your next holiday activities.
  • you will have a good roadmap for yourself,  that will keep you fit, flexible, and mentally sharp.
Take action!   Simply contact me now and I will follow up with more details on how to get started! 0414946055   or  ($197 for six sessions) 
For  current and past  participants of the "Move with Grace and Balance" class:         
  • Please be aware that there is a special VIDEO PLAYLIST available for you!   It can only be accessed when you have the log-in link.
  Email me to receive  the special LINK !    Thank you  

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