Nutrition and Wellness Consultation

Nutrition and Wellness Consultation

Wellness consultations

are focused on your diet, exercise, sleep patterns and emotional wellbeing, the foundations of health and vitality. Wellness consultations are tailored to the individual depending on your goals, priorities and specific requirements, but include a combination of dietary and general health assessment, nutrition and dietary recommendations, personal training and exercise therapy for health, vitality and wellbeing. Wellness consultations are suitable to help improve and maintain general health and wellness, or to help manage various conditions such as stress, sleep disturbances, arthritis, digestive disturbances, chronic fatigue and weight loss, as well as for general health and vitality.

Weight Management Programs:

Weight loss programs are customized specifically for each individual. A short-term weight loss goal and long term weight management plan will be developed and appropriate strategies put in place the achieve the goals and objectives. Weight management programs are focused on realistic long term, healthy eating plans suitable to the individual, and regular exercise programs of a progressive nature. It is also important to improve the function of particular organs and systems of the body, such as the liver, kidneys, blood glucose regulation, nervous system function and the muscle to fat ratio in order to improve metabolism and maintain general health, vitality and wellbeing. Contact me for an individual assessment session and we will create an individualised program for you! This includes coaching, mentoring and exercise advice and training if needed and required

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