Touch for Health Kinesiology – what is it ?

Touch for Health Kinesiology – what is it ?

Posted by admin by Aug 26, 2021

I will be teaching the entire TFH Synthesis in the coming months - join in:-)  

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The Touch for Health System is a practical guide to natural health that utilizes acupressure and massage to improve postural balance, and reduce physical and mental pain and tension.

  • It is a way of restoring natural energies that combines ancient Chinese energy therapies with recent Western developments in kinesiology.
It is a very practical tool for everyone who is a massage therapist and bodyworker:

It can be used along with other massage techniques or as a stand-alone method for improving  and enhancing health.

  • The use of touch activates our own bodies' natural recuperative powers, or energy.
These powers are enhanced or inhibited by daily activities. In response to those activities, changes occur within muscles and skin, and the way we feel, that affects us  and we become more, or less, vulnerable to injury and disease according to the balance of our energy.   This energy may be called chi, as in the Chinese world view: ki, from the Japanese; prana, from the Indian; and innate intelligence in the Western chiropractic tradition.

Astonishingly, in the course of the day we actually tend to shrink. And as we shrink, our life energy becomes unbalanced, and chronic tension and rigidity set in-which gradually reduces the full range of movement that allows us to function most effectively.

Touch for Health reverses the shrinking process, because by relieving chronic muscular tension and/or spinal curvatures due to muscular imbalances, the body is allowed to relax and expand.

  • Touch for Health leads my clients to relax at least some of the inappropriately contracted muscles. They then feel the exhilaratingly greater range of motion that increases their sense of grace, presence and spontaneity. They literally become taller.   By using this system, I can help my clients have peak performances more often.  The flow of energy in each client's meridians can be evaluated by using this system.

    This is done by testing the relative strength of a particular muscle that is related to a particular meridian. Whether the muscle locks within a specific range of motion indicates the flow of energy to the muscle through its related meridian.

  • By balancing the energy flow through the use of acupressure I can assist you in your own healing process. Your Cardio -vascular, your pulmonary and your endocrine systems are greatly enhanced. You will also feel more flow and freedom in your digestive system. Many people report better mental strength, emotional resilience and zest for life!

  • I am teaching  the Touch for Health System . You can achieve proficiency with the TFH Synthesis and become a Touch for Health kinesiology practitioner!   
  • It is an affordable series of classes and thus will support you with earning a living  when you are incorporating it into whatever you are already doing,  or  just starting out with a professional health& wellness career.
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