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Lesson ONE

Introduction to the program and it objectives Learn PACE – experience a sense of wellbeing, peace and integration for your brain = feel centred, experience a balance in laterality and sense of improved ability to focus.
Learn techniques that help your feet to be well circulated and flexible for a sure-footed posture and walking.

  • Additional documents
  • Pdf of PP presentation session ONE
  • Activity sheet for PACE
  • Activity sheet for Foot exercises

Lesson TWO

Learn to have excellent balance and co-ordination by
practicing Cross Crawl movements in all directions.
Learn to stand and balance on even and uneven ground.
Nordic walking introduced. Learn Vision Gym exercises to greatly improve your ability to navigate your world, process what you are seeing – be safe in traffic and other busy environments. Activities for Neck mobility

  • Work sheets for balancing
  • Work sheet for Neck exercises
  • Worksheets for Vision Gym

Lesson THREE

Get more Mobility and flexibility for your spine, neck and shoulders. Improve your eye- hand co-ordination, near and far accommodation.

  • Strengthen your fingers and gain more flexibility and dexterity. Strong hands and fingers are vital for many daily tasks.
  • Learn a very good activity which strengthens your shoulders for better posture.
  • Discover some fun games that switch you on for quick reaction and fast response to movements. Quick mind, quick reaction & conscious choice making – It can be trained.
  • A mindfulness meditation for a calm mind .
  • Documents for Session THREE
  • PDF from session Three presentation
  • Chigong ball and reflexology sheet
  • Worksheets for quick direction games

Lesson FOUR

Learn about emotional resilience and stability.

  • Discover how essential oils can improve on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Learn how to best apply essential oils – topically, internally or diffused in the environment.
  • Three essential oils to have in your daily toolbox.
  • Culinary oils for daily use.
  • Mental/emotional well being is also very much dependent on your digestive system – Get the fundamental steppingstones of good digestive health.
  • Documents for session FOUR
  • PDF of session Four
  • Essential oils hand out .
  • Wellness essential oils hand out Doc on Gut health
  • Three oils product information

Lesson FIVE

Emotional Freedom technique fully explained and practiced – learn the basic recipe and build on that.

  • Improve your auditory skills. Hearing, comprehending and processing what you hear – neurophysiology of hearing.
  • Discover Postural reflexes – how to have optimal concentration and be better focused around your daily activities.- Lengthening exercises
  • Documents for session FIVE
  • PDF Of session FIVE
  • EFT document
  • Listening skills activity sheet .
  • Lengthening activities sheet

Lesson SIX

Get your daily physical activity organised – follow me through a mat exercise program that provides you with physiotherapy exercises,

  • Yoga movements and functional kinesthetics, in order to provide you with a permanent routine, that will keep your joints flexible and your core muscles strong and stable.
  • Get a clear road map of daily activities and nutrition routines that will keep you fit, flexible and mentally sharp.
  • Nordic walking Introduction and demonstration
  • PDF of session SIX
  • Nordic walking doc
  • Exercise routine PDF Part One and Part Two
  • Suggestions for a regular routine of activities