Kinesiology and essential oils Workshop

Kinesiology and essential oils Workshop

Posted by admin by Dec 9, 2020

Kinesiology & Indicator Muscle Testing - what is it? Aroma therapy – which oils to use best in certain circumstances and how much? Can I distinguish the “bad” Oil from the “good”? How and where best to apply it? Kinesiology  Muscle testing is a remarkable tool - become empowered by learning Kinesiology techniques for your own use!  Learn which essential oils to have in your home every day for the protection against germs, bacteria, viruses and for mental, emotional and spiritual support. 

This is a one day workshop - Investment $150 pp.

Bring a friend a receive a Gift of a 15 ml essential oil!($40)

Dates for the new year 2021  :   27. February 21  -     27 March 21  -  24 March 2021       watch the video!