Touch for Health Kinesiology Workshop

Touch for Health Kinesiology Workshop

Touch for Health 1      TWO dates to choose from:

13./14. March     and    10./11. April 2021 

This is a TWO day workshop - Investment $380 pp

Learn  which is the best food for you, the best supplementation… the best essential oils and how very much your emotions are influencing your health and well being.                                               

Gain invaluable  insight into your own body-mind system !

Kinesiology  Muscle testing is a remarkable tool - become empowered by learning Kinesiology techniques for your own use!

Gentle muscle monitoring is the key tool which we are all using, to receive answers from this infinitely intelligent computer that is call our body. Learn about the meridians and your body clock. In this localized field of information we are tapping into the knowledge of that amazing field of power! Watch the little video !